Mission Statement

Freedom Outreach is a ministry that builds relationships, through the love of Jesus, with kids and families in the city of Wilmington.


Our vision is to see kids and families walk with Jesus as they experience successes and challenges in life. We want individuals to know that they have the God given power to discover their potential, knowing who they are and who they can become.


Freedom Outreach, a ministry of Vineyard Christian Fellowship at the Barn in Pennsylvania, was founded in the spring of 1999. The Outreach was originally located in a storefront at 2116 North Market Street in Wilmington, DE. Since then Freedom Outreach has expanded its influence to other areas of Wilmington including the neighborhoods of Riverside, Southbridge, the Eastside, and their surrounding areas. The significant relationships that we have developed over the years are very valuable to us. This is because relationships are at the core of what Freedom Outreach is.

In the fall of 2004 we moved out of the storefront on North Market Street in hopes of finding and purchasing a building to call home. In the mean time we moved ‘onto the streets’. We realized that we not only wanted to provide programs, but also be an active part of the communities we were involved with. In the Spring of 2009 we purchased a home at 2506 North Market St. We continued our active participation in the community while being able to add to our programs and the resources we were able to service the families we have relationship with.

Freedom Outreach House


Weekly Programs

Sunday Morning Church– Volunteers drive our van to pick up children who live in the city of Wilmington and bring them to the service at The Barn Vineyard Church.
Home Visits– Every week the relational director and volunteers visit the homes of the families that we know. This is a time when we are able to interact with parents, see children in their home environments, assess current needs of the family, and pray for them.
Weekly Neighborhood Playtime– Every week we spend time playing in the park and on the streets(weather permitting) of one of the communities we are most highly invested in. We play 4:30pm Tuesdays in Southbridge and 4:30pm Wednesdays in Riverside.
Mentoring– This happens on various days, in different group sizes, and by numerous volunteers. Sometimes mentoring is based around teaching a skill like playing guitar, one-on-one attention, or even small groups that enjoy the same activities. Each mentor is trained, introduced to families, and supported by Freedom Outreach. This happens in homes, public places, and at our house on North Market Street.
Bible Study– Is a weekly or bi-weekly event. Volunteers work in teams to provide a time of hanging out, teaching the word of God, serving others, and prayer. This happens at our house on North Market Street and in the community.
Providing Clothes, Food & Supplies to Families In Need– We understand that meeting practical needs is very important. We keep in good communication with the families we are working with and when they are in need.

Yearly Programs

Summer Community Outreaches-This is a one day event held in Southbridge & Riverside. We invite families from the neighborhood to join us for a cookout, face painting, crafts, games and prayer. It is a great time to build relationships and allow God to minister.
Easter and Christmas Parties at the Barn– At these two large events we bring 20-40 children from the city of Wilmington out to The Barn Vineyard Church for a fun Saturday party! This gives the children a chance to experience some of the country, learn more about God, and to enjoy themselves for the afternoon.
Summer Camp- We partner with Tri-State Christian Camps in Port Jervis, NY to provide a 3 night sleep over camp experience for about 30 of the children we know each Summer. They are able to participate in many out-door activities that are not options in an urban environment, grow in their relationship with God and build new friendships.
“The Giving Tree”: a Christmas gift giving program– The Giving Tree is a program that enables us to buy a Christmas present each year for over 100 children. Each child can be sponsored for $20, and then volunteers purchase, wrap, and deliver the presents that were bought specifically for each child.
Day Trips– We take groups of kids on various trips throughout the year to build relationships and create fun experiences for them. We have gone to the beach, tubing on the river, hiking, sledding, etc. Book Drive-We partner with individuals who volunteer to collect, sort and distribute gently used books to children at Freedom Outreach parties and community outreaches.
Sponsorship Program -We have created a program where individuals or families can sponsor a specific child for $25 a month/$300 a year to cover the cost of their summer camp, birthday cake & Christmas gift. This is a powerful way to invest financially & prayerfully in a child’s life.
We are also looking for more volunteers to partner with us! Contact us for more information!